Location Based Services

POS Access is a product for clients who want to know the location of a mobile phone in Telenor's network. The price and terms of locating a mobile phone depends on which agreement the client has signed.

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General information about GSM/3G positioning

With GSM/3G positioning the client can locate any mobile phone which belong in Telenor's network if the mobile phone is switched on and has coverage. It is not possible to locate foreign mobile phones that roam in Telenor's network. It takes about 4 seconds to locate a mobile phone.

The accuracy of GSM/3G positioning varies in different areas depending among other things on the distance between antennas. A general assumption is that 90% of the mobile phones can be located within 500 meters inside of a city and that 90% of the mobile phones can be located within 10 km in rural areas. The GSM/3G positioning always gives an outer limit of the area in which the mobile phone is.

GSM/3G positioning does not require any update to the sim card or the mobile phone.

The GSM/3G positioning returns different error codes if e.g. the mobile phone is switched off, outside of coverage or if the client is not allowed to position a specific mobile phone.


It is possible to locate several mobile phones within one second. The different agreements offer different capacities.


Priority is ranked: High, Medium and Nomal


Invoicing for a POS Access subscription takes place in the following way: All usage by the subscriber's unit is accumulated and invoiced once a month. Connection to POS Access is invoiced separately by the network supplier.

The invoice received by the client from Telenor will specify the total number of transactions and the total price for the month in question.